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Thirty-One-der FULL

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

You owe it yourself to be FULL!!!

The week leading up to my birthday was weird. Normally I’m excited and celebrating early. This year was different.

I woke up with a NEW feeling on my birthday. I couldn’t explain it but it felt good. I spent the first part of the day being loved on by my husband and children. I took the time to personally thank everyone who made a post on social media or told me happy birthday. I made sure to acknowledge their post because they took time from trolling, I mean scrolling (lol) and I appreciate it.

The second half of the day was spent loving on myself. I stood in the mirror NAKED and just cried. I apologized to my mind, my heart, my spirit and my body. I was sorry for beating myself down. I was sorry for always self- shaming. I was hard on my body for the way she looked instead of embracing the scarred results of bringing my beautiful daughters into this world. I was sorry for not accepting my natural curves... for feeling like the curves are too much and must be hidden... for not accepting me.

Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t have work to do or a few pounds to let go of but this means that TODAY I just accept me the way I am. I can be happy with me while in the process of becoming a better version of me.

We get so caught up on this perfect finished PRODUCT that we bruise and mistreat the PROJECT, forgetting that it needs work. That work is GENUINE, SELF- LOVE.

You can have the best partner, the greatest friend and the biggest support system but if you don’t feel good about you, NONE of the compliments and encouragement will matter or be enough....

Take time to get FULL: FULL of life, FULL of flaws, FULL of forgiveness, FULL of acceptance. FULL of yourself....

“Figuring it out, one F word at a time”

-Effit Girl

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