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Served on a Silver Platter

This snack is definitely silver platter worthy. I am a popcorn lover. So much so, that I get it shipped to me in Columbus from no other than @splash.goodies. Whether you love fruity, sweet or savory, they have a flavor to satisfy your tastebuds.

This week, we decided to order Strawberry Cheesecake, Obama Corn and Cookies and Scream. Strawberry Cheesecake and Cookies and Scream taste exactly how they sound. Obamacorn is something different. It gives you like a hint of Cherry-Almond, but I also taste blueberries but I cannot explain it. I’m sure I would be wrong if I asked her what flavor it actually is, LOL! What I do know is that it’s good!

Find them on Social Media, reach out and place an order. They ship to anywhere in the US and if you’re lucky to be in Michigan, they‘ll deliver.

Instagram: splash.goodies

Facebook: SplashGoodies

Phone: 800-737-7104

Owner: LaTia Sampson

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