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No Sweat!!!

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Taking care of my family means that I am responsible for the mental, physical, spiritual, social and emotional well being.

In December (yes, December, I was skeptical), I was advised by my friend @occasionalbakr to try an all natural deodorant. She is really into being healthy, inside and out.

I had been using the same deodorant since I first started to sweat as a Preteen (how could I let my trusty deodorant go?). However, I was so over the residue and unclean feeling that my deodorant left no matter how many times I shaved or washed under my armpits. I finally gave it a try and ordered a few from their website (unscented, sweet lavender and citrus).

My shipment came in less than a week with a free, all natural lip balm (I'm all about perks)!

I jumped in the shower and exfoliated with a natural salt scrub that my sister made (coming in another blog post) to make sure I removed the old deodorant. When I got out of the shower, I decided to use the sweet lavender one first. I immediately feel in love with the scent. I noticed the texture, it wasn't firm like "that other brand", it was smooth and creamy. It was so hard to not grab my previous deodorant (I have trust issues) but I wanted to give an accurate review. So... I used it and made the switch to Lone.

We absolutely love @lone.bodycare! I didn't feel any moisture, it lasted all day and the #1 thing that we ALL care about: there was NO RESIDUE on my dark clothing or any of my clothing. My husband is very picky and set in some of his (single man) ways when it comes to his skin care regimen. He’s been converted, especially when he found out it was FREE of aluminum and baking soda.

The Lemon Mint flavored lip balm that they sent as a free gift lasted for almost 6 hours before I had to reapply. As if they didn't already have me as a customer, I am sold with this all natural lip balm. They also provide discounts and coupons if you sign up for auto-shipments. You can set the amount of time between your deliveries.

Take care of your body and expect more from your deodorant!!! Follow and order from @lone.bodycare today.

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