Updated: Feb 17, 2019

YES, THIS IS ONE OF MY F happens to the best of us and sometimes for no reason at all. Getting fired does not feel good, lets be honest. It brings out many emotions and not all of them are good. Its okay, use the experience as a stepping stool.

I was fired from a job that I absolutely loved on January 23, 2019. I was hurt but I was more pissed when they made me work the entire day then fired me at 8:00 pm when I was at the building until 7:00 pm (THE NERVE)... HR only said that my services were no longer needed. I never received a write-up, I recruited my own staff and exceed the expectations of my job description. I learned that no matter how hard you work or what you do, you cannot please everyone. I will never apologize for supporting people when I see that they are not being treated fairly, especially in a management position. Stand up for what is right in the workplace and continue to advocate for others.

Two weeks before I was fired, I told God that I was exhausted working all those hours, having my baby at work with me. I told Him that I needed time to work on my business and a few mental heath days to work on me and my brand. I also expressed that I needed benefits that I could afford for my family and I would make less money for my peace of mind. Now, I didn't expect to be FIRED (LOL) but He granted me all of those things and freed up my time for me to publish F-It Girl's first post (insert happy dance)!

Have you ever been FIRED? How did it make your feel? Did you FLOURISH or did you FAIL? Did it push you out of your comfort zone and make you do something different? Was it your fault? If so, did you do a self-check? (We all need those sometimes). Whatever the experience produced, grow from it. Learn from it. And most of all remember to say F-It (in the most positive way).


Thee F-It Girl

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