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F-It Girl of the Week

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Hey, meet our first of many F-It Girls of the week. This week, the crown goes to Ms. Bonita Spears. She was chosen because of her strength, service to our country and the way that she uplifts others. Below is a few facts about her.

I looooooove my family!

I’ll do almost anything (except something immoral or illegal) for my family!

I have the gift of a giver bc I can do it so effortlessly and without expectation of anything in return.

No matter where in the world I have lived and loved, I am Detroit...To my bones and until the day I d.i.e!

I have learned to embrace and love myself, more than I love any him...with my flaws and all.

I have made up my mind to enjoy this journey, called life despite the bumps and bruises, up and downs of our existence because it is all a part of the experience that shapes and molds us into who we are becoming!

Her life quote: I am the Shero of my own story-Bo Spears

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