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Books, Brunch and Balance

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon,I took the time to just be DeJuan’s wife. I treated him to brunch @superchefsohio in Gahanna. We had amazing food, a lot of laughs and enjoyed each other’s company. We get so caught up in the things we have to do that we don’t take the time to do the things we want to do. Today, I just wanted to enjoy the moment with him. Our children will be coming home soon and we will go back to our normal routines but right now, I want to just be...

I also received my order of the Amazon best seller @thebestiecode. I have the pleasure of knowing 1/3 of the authors @creneemangum. She is so dope and talented. My strategy session with her gave me the final push and motivation I needed to launch my brand, F-It Girl. Just like men have a guy/bro code, these ladies have provided us with @thebestiecode and I vow to live by it. This day was nothing short of amazing and I plan to appreciate every moment and balance life one f word at a time.

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