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Be FRUITFUL and multiply...

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

The dictionary states that fruitful means producing useful or desired results; productive.

Fruitfulness is the quality of something that causes or assists in healthy growth.

These are things DeJuan and I consider in our marriage.

We are constantly planting seeds in our union and in each other’s lives.

Seeds that we sow into our marriage are:

Communication, frequent dates, support, love, individual space, affection, intimacy, trust and safety (physical, emotional and mental).

We make sure to sow 100% into each other so that we can give 100% to our children.

It is important that we refocus, regroup and relax together away from our children (not that we don’t enjoy spending time with them). Sometimes parents need to disconnect from their day to day routine so that they can reconnect with one another.

One of the main things that I appreciate about our marriage is that we don’t argue. I’m not knocking any couple who does but people always think I’m lying when I say that. Of course we have disagreements but then we have discussions. I can count on one hand the number of arguments we’ve had in 8 years. Yes, we piss each other off. We get on each other’s nerves sometimes but we make conscious efforts to hash things out in ways that are loving examples for our children.

As we take on year 5 of marriage, I plan to love him more. Cherish him more. Love ON him more. Show him more support. Be a little more submissive and a little more conscious of his feelings and emotions. My goal is to ensure that we have and maintain a FRUITFUL COLLABORATION!!!

What are some ways that you make sure your relationship is fruitful and what seeds are you sowing into it?

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